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hiking antalya

Best Hiking Trails in Antalya

Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Antalya and discover the top-rated hikes! From scenic views to waterfalls and lush forests, each hike has something unique. Try the Lycian Way Hike, Taurus Mountains Trek, Göynük Canyon Walk, Kurşunlu Waterfall Trail, or Düden Waterfalls Walk.

History buffs can also immerse themselves in ancient sites along the way. This is because Antalya was once an important Roman port city on the Mediterranean coast.

And of course, while hiking in Antalya, don’t forget the delicious baklava that’s available along the coastline!

Coastal Hikes in Antalya

To explore coastal hikes in Antalya, you need to know some of the most famous trails in the region. The Lycian Way Trail, Capadocia Trail, and Beydaglari Coastal National Park Trail are some trails that should definitely be on your hiking list. In this section, you will discover the unique features of each trail and find out why they are worth hiking.

Lycian Way Trail

Discover the Lycian Route – a 540 km trail of wonder! It starts in Fethiye and ends in Antalya. Along the way, explore ancient ruins, hillside villages, and stunning coastal views.

Hike to Patara Beach and Kaputas Beach for sun, sand, and sea. Climb the Gedelme Mountains and Olympos National Park for a challenging yet rewarding experience.

The Lycian Way Trail is renowned globally for its astonishing paths. It’s a must-go for backpackers who love long-distance walking.

The Turkish Culture & Tourism office sponsors marked sections of the route, offering hikers trekking information. Let’s go explore!

Capadocia Trail

The Capadocia Trail is in the heart of Anatolia. It showcases Turkey’s natural beauty and culture. You can view valleys, mountains and canyons. Plus explore ancient underground cities and towering rock formations. The trail is home to rare plants and animals. Such as the Anatolian Ground Squirrel. It’s also perfect for adventurers, with hot air balloon rides and cave exploration. This trail stands out for its surreal terrain and amazing experiences. One hiker was even guided by a local shepherd. He offered cultural insights as they passed through fields of wildflowers.

For more stunning views, try the Beydaglari Coastal National Park Trail. Even if your legs are tired, the views will take your breath away.

Beydaglari Coastal National Park Trail

Are you an adventure enthusiast? Visit the Beydaglari Coastal National Park Trail! Located between Antalya and Demre, it offers a unique blend of natural beauty and hiking opportunities. Trek down the famous 18 km Geyikbayiri-Karaoy trail, and discover serene waterfalls, ancient cities and much more.

You’ll also spot diverse flora and fauna, with stunning views of the area’s coastal geography. Pack essentials like first aid kits, enough water, snacks and comfortable shoes, and get ready to explore the mountains. Take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air, and sweat out last night’s Turkish delight on these adventurous hikes!

Mountain Hikes in Antalya

To explore the exhilarating world of mountain hiking in Antalya, discover the three trail options that await you for an unforgettable adventure. Embark on the Tahtali Mountain Trail with its breathtaking panoramic view, trek through the Saklikent Gorge Trail and experience the beauty and power of nature, and witness the allure of the Chimaera Flames Trail with its unique flaming natural phenomenon.

Tahtali Mountain Trail

Antalya is home to the Tahtali Mountain Trail – an invigorating hike for all levels of hikers. The path winds through lush forests and shaded areas, with stunning views of the Mediterranean landscape. Make sure to bring water and snacks – the incline can be tough!

For an extra special experience, plan your visit for sunrise or sunset. You’ll be rewarded with a sky of stunning colors. Or, take the cable car to the summit at 2,365 meters high and gaze at the misty mountains.

A hike up Tahtali Mountain Trail is an amazing escape from city life. Enjoy nature’s beauty and create unforgettable memories!

Saklikent Gorge Trail

Saklikent Gorge, a natural wonder, offers a thrilling trail for hikers. The majestic and captivating scenery, plus the sound of rushing water, creates an unforgettable experience. Adventurers can plunge into the icy water or go river rafting.

As you near the end of this gorgeous trail, be amazed by the huge waterfall. It cascades from the cliff face into a tranquil pool. The adrenaline-pumping trek follows an 8-kilometer winding canyon. It takes about 3 hours to finish.

It’s worth noting that even in the summer when temperatures rise, the Saklikent Gorge Trail is still accessible. It was even featured on National Geographic’s travel blog as one of ‘the world’s top destinations’. Who needs a night light when you can hike the Chimaera Flames Trail in Antalya?”

Chimaera Flames Trail

The Chimaera Flames Path is an essential stop for hikers in Antalya. At the end of the rocky trail, you can witness flaring gas that has been burning for thousands of years! It’s methane gas escaping through cracks in rocks. You will be mesmerized by the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains around it. At night, the fires are even more visible.

But keep in mind, the hike can be moderately difficult. Wear proper hiking shoes and bring enough water. You’ll experience an unforgettable phenomenon!

Pro Tip: Visit during the off-season to avoid the crowds and relish in the beauty of nature without any interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is hiking difficult in Antalya?

Hiking trails in Antalya vary in difficulty, but most trails are rated as moderate. It is important to assess your physical ability before choosing a trail and to bring along enough water and snacks.

2. What is the best time of year to go hiking in Antalya?

The best time to go hiking in Antalya is from September to November or from March to May when the weather is mild and pleasant. Summers can be very hot and dry, making it difficult to hike.

3. What kind of clothes and shoes should I wear for hiking in Antalya?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move easily in, and choose shoes with good grip suitable for hiking. Protection from the sun is important, so consider wearing a hat and sunglasses and applying sunscreen.

4. Are there any dangerous animals on the hiking trails in Antalya?

There are some snakes and insects in the area, but they are usually not dangerous. It is recommended to stay on the trails and avoid disturbing natural habitats.

5. Can I hike alone in Antalya?

It is generally safe to hike alone in Antalya, but it is recommended to inform someone of your hiking route and expected return time. It is also a good idea to take a map and GPS device with you.

6. What are some popular hiking trails in Antalya?

Some popular hiking trails in Antalya include the Lycian Way, the Phaselis Trail, and the Termessos Trail. These trails offer stunning views and interesting historical and cultural sites.

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