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hiking bohinj

Getting started with hiking in Bohinj

In Bohinj, there’s no shortage of hikes to embark on. Pick from trails of varying lengths and difficulty levels. Trail maps can be found at the Bohinj Tourist Information Centre or online.

A lot of the hikes take you through Triglav National Park. Marvel at the glacial valleys, alpine meadows, waterfalls, rivers and mountains. Don’t forget to wear proper gear and pack enough food and water.

For the adventurous sort, take the Vogel cable car up Mount Vogel for a bird’s eye view of Lake Bohinj. Or, explore the Savica waterfall trail with its 78-metre high waterfall.

As Lonely Planet puts it: “The air in Bohinj is said to be so clean and pure it adds seven years to your life.” So, choose your hiking trail wisely!

Choosing your hiking trail

Planning a Bohinj hiking trip? Here are some tips to help select the perfect adventure!

  • Consider your fitness level. Trails range from beginner-friendly to require high strength & endurance.
  • Look into the terrain. Easy trails are flat or relatively simple. For a challenge, select moderate or difficult ones.
  • Check duration & distance. This will help you prepare accordingly.
  • Research weather conditions. Trails with lots of exposure can be difficult in rain, snow, or strong winds.
  • Consider unique experiences. Check for waterfalls, ancient bridges, etc. before visiting.

Safety is key – always carry water and other safety gear such as whistle, mirror, and compass. Enjoy Bohinj at your own pace and comfort level.

Need more guidance? Utilize trail maps & GPS tracking apps like AllTrails – both online & offline!

Don’t forget your hiking boots – essential gear for Bohinj!

Essential hiking gear for Bohinj

Hiking in Bohinj? Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience! Here are four must-haves for any hiker:

  1. Sturdy, waterproof boots with good grip and ankle support.
  2. A comfortable backpack that fits all your gear. Don’t forget sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, map and compass.
  3. Appropriate clothing to meet the changing weather conditions. Pack waterproof layers, like a jacket and pants.
  4. Refillable water bottles and snacks for energy.

In Bohinj, you might spot some of the unique flora and fauna, even brown bears! Just keep walking if you hear banjo music – it’s likely just your imagination!

Safety tips for hiking in Bohinj

Exploring Bohinj’s picturesque terrain? Don’t forget safety measures! Check the weather, wear suitable clothing, carry food & water. Have a map & compass – GPS may not work. In case of accidents or injuries, call emergency services right away. Learn about the area’s wildlife – beware of bears! Hike with a group or guide. Be cautious near rivers & streams. Follow marked paths & avoid risky trails. Adhere to safety protocols & make your hike enjoyable & safe! Ready for a masochistic adventure? The best time to hike in Bohinj is now!

Best time to hike in Bohinj

Hiking in Bohinj is best in peak seasons, May-June and September-October. Weather is pleasant and trails are not crowded.
However, July-August sees many tourists and hot temperatures. So plan your trip according to fitness level and desired difficulty of trails.

The terrain offers easy, medium, and strenuous routes with stunning landscapes. Pack essentials like sturdy shoes and warm clothing as per weather forecast.

Bohinj has a mountaineering history since Julius Kugy climbed Mount Triglav in 1884. Many accomplished mountaineers followed him.

Planning and guidance from professionals make Bohinj hiking enjoyable. Visit must-visit spots for a holy grail experience – with less blood, sweat, and tears!

Must-visit spots for hikers in Bohinj

Bohinj, a dreamy destination in Slovenia, has lots of spots for hikers to visit! Here are six of the best:

  • Triglav National Park: Home to amazing landscapes and wildlife.
  • Savica Waterfall: Perfect for nature-lovers!
  • Mt Vogel: Stunning views for advanced hikers.
  • Zajamniki village: Surrounded by forests and pastures.
  • Jereka: A small alpine village with hiking trails and panoramic views.
  • Lake Bohinj: The star attraction with trails for amateurs and pros.

For something unique, try night hiking in Bohinj! You can gaze at mesmerizing sights under the stars. But remember – safety is key! Bring headlamps or torches to help you navigate. And don’t sleep in a bed after hiking. That’s just cheating!

Accommodations for hikers in Bohinj

Hike your way to Bohinj and find a wide range of accommodations. From camping sites and hostels to luxurious resorts, you can pick an option that best suits your budget and preferences. For a more personalized experience, one can stay in cabins or chalets nestled in the forests. Hiking packages with meals and accommodation offered by local guides can be availed. Mid-level apartments and lodges are comfortable and promote sustainability.

Experience outdoor activities such as canoeing, rafting, and exploring the hills and mountains at Triglav National Park. Many accommodations have provisions for outdoor picnics, barbeque sessions or campfires at night. For a unique insight into the local lifestyle, opt for a family-run bed-and-breakfast (B&B). Enjoy traditional dishes and stories about the local culture.

In conclusion, Bohinj offers an array of accommodations, from budget-friendly to luxurious. Consider your individual needs before settling on an option while exploring the breathtaking beauty of the region!


Hiking in Bohinj is a must-do adventure! Its captivating landscapes, sparkling waters, and natural trails make it the ideal destination for hikers. Plus, there are lots of activities to enjoy like cycling, caving, and fishing.

One must-see attraction is the Vintgar Gorge hike. It’s full of gorgeous natural beauty, as well as wooden bridges that span crystal-clear waters. This one is family-friendly and suitable for all ages.

For the best experience, hire a guide who can give you insight into the region’s rich flora and fauna. Make sure to have a checklist of hiking gear, as the weather can change quickly.

Don’t miss out on visiting Bohinj – add it to your bucket list now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best hiking trails in Bohinj?

Some of the best hiking trails in Bohinj include the ascent to Mount Triglav, the Bohinj Cheese Trail, and the Mostnica Gorge Trail.

2. Can I hike with my dog in Bohinj?

Yes, you can hike with your dog in Bohinj, but make sure to keep them on a leash and clean up after them. Some trails may have restrictions on dogs, so check before you go.

3. What is the best time of year to go hiking in Bohinj?

The best time to go hiking in Bohinj is from May to October when the weather is pleasant and the trails are dry. However, you can also hike in the winter if you are properly equipped and experienced.

4. Do I need a guide to go hiking in Bohinj?

You do not necessarily need a guide to go hiking in Bohinj, but it is recommended if you are not familiar with the area or the trails. A guide can also provide you with valuable information about the local flora and fauna.

5. What should I bring when hiking in Bohinj?

You should bring appropriate hiking gear such as sturdy boots, a backpack, water, snacks, and sunscreen. It is also a good idea to bring a map and a first-aid kit.

6. Are there any safety precautions I should take when hiking in Bohinj?

Yes, make sure to check the weather forecast and trail conditions before you go hiking. Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return. Stay on the marked trails and do not wander off. Finally, be respectful of nature and other hikers on the trail.

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