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hiking jokes


Trekking is an exciting outdoor activity that requires physical fitness and good weather. Hikers have been drawn to mountains, tricky terrains, and dense forests for years, searching for adventure.

Hiking jokes are a great source of amusement for trekkers. These jokes revolve around the battles and joys of hiking, showing the funny stories people have experienced on their trips. They also create a sense of fellowship between hikers who can relate to each other’s troubles with blisters, lost trails, or amusing animal meetings.

The internet provides a lot of sources for hiking jokes, from websites to memes on social media. There’s even a “Hiking Jokes” subreddit focused on those who want some laughs during their trekking trips.

In Appalachian Trail history, Earl Shaffer became the first person to hike the entire trail alone in one go in 1948 when he was twenty-nine. When asked about his motivation for doing it, he jokingly answered: “I wanted to get out of my hometown.”

Why did the chicken cross the hiking trail? To get to the opposite side!

Top Hiking Jokes

To make your next hiking trip even more enjoyable, we have compiled the top hiking jokes for you. With these funny jokes, you are sure to lighten up the mood and have a great time with your hiking partners. Keep reading to hear “Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? Because it was two-tired!”, “Why do cows make bad hiking partners? They always pasture prime hiking spots!”, “What did the grape say when it got stepped on during a hike? Nothing, it just let out a little wine!”, “What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals? Philippe Philoppe”, and “Why did the hiker break up with the mountain? It was too high maintenance!”

“Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? Because it was two-tired!”

Can’t stop giggling at the joke, “Why couldn’t the bike stand up by itself? Too much to bear on its two tires“? You’re not alone. This pun is a funny reminder that bikes need two wheels, not four like other vehicles. It highlights they are “two-tired” and need a kickstand to stay upright.

Want more hilarity while hiking? Here’s one. What do you call an alligator in hiking boots? An Investigator! These jokes can make trekking more fun and add camaraderie in nature’s beauty.

Exploring different terrains is exciting too. Many hikers love mountain trails. The views of grandeur landscapes are stunning. Reaching the peak is a fulfilling experience. But, don’t forget to carry camping gear.

In past, people shared jokes before heading out to reduce anxiety among new hikers. These jokes still make hikes enjoyable and create lasting memories. Why did the bear refuse to share his tent? He wanted un-bear-able privacy.

“Why do cows make bad hiking partners? They always pasture prime hiking spots!”

Cows can be a problem when hiking. They graze in popular spots, making it hard to find a place to rest or camp. Plus, their heavy hooves can hurt the soil and trails.

Additionally, cows can get aggressive. If they feel threatened, they may charge at hikers, causing trouble. But, cows do help maintain grazing lands and ecosystems.

On my hike, I saw a herd of cows blocking the trail. I was scared and didn’t know what to do. Luckily, another hiker showed me how to get around them safely.

“What did the grape say when it got stepped on during a hike? Nothing, it just let out a little wine!”

A grape stepped on during a hike? It won’t cry! It’ll let out a little wine! Hiking jokes are great for enhancing the experience and making light of challenges. They often use puns – perfect for keeping spirits high on those long treks.

A classic joke is about a bear helping lost hikers get back. The punchline? “They use their bear-ing!” Another favourite? “Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!”

Hiking jokes provide comic relief and an icebreaker for new groups. Laughing in tough situations makes adventures more enjoyable. Even experienced hikers need a good laugh. So don’t forget to pack some jokes with your gear!

Why break up a hiking group? The trail mix wasn’t holding them together.

“What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals? Philippe Philoppe”

Joking about Frenchmen wearing sandals? Say “What’s the name of a sandal-wearing Frenchman? Philippe Philoppe!” It’s playing on the stereotype of French people loving fashion.

Another joke? “Why don’t mountains get cold in winter? Because they wear snow caps!” That’s a pun on “snow caps” meaning both headgear and frozen precipitation.

When using humor on a hike, remember to keep it respectful and not offensive. Good jokes can lighten the mood and get everyone laughing.

Pro Tip: Need jokes about nature? Animals, weather, and the outdoors are often great sources of humour. Plus, they’re usually safe bets! Why did the hiking group only bring one map? They wanted to be on the same level!

“Why did the hiker break up with the mountain? It was too high maintenance!”

Why did the hiker break-up with his girlfriend? She couldn’t keep up with his trail pace. Hikers and mountains make the perfect match. But, if the mountain is too high-maintenance, the ending is inevitable.

This joke portrays the importance of proper care and attention when hiking. Another funny quip involves two hikers. One asks why the other always hikes uphill. The response? To reach greater heights and amazing views.

Hiking is about more than challenging yourself. It’s also about taking in the views. Before you start, research and plan your route. That way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Hiking Puns

To add some fun to your next hike, explore the section ‘Hiking Puns’ with ‘Hiking Jokes’ as the title. The sub-sections, including “I’m a fungi when it comes to hiking,” “I’m not a fan of hiking to beehives, but the buzz is worth it!” and “I hate hiking with snakes, they’re so condescending,” will have you laughing all the way up the trail.

“I’m a fungi when it comes to hiking”

I’m like a mushroom – I can grow anywhere!” Hiking is my passion. I love taking on challenging trails and inspiring others to join me. I’ve got plenty of knowledge for dealing with obstacles and keeping everyone safe.

It pays to be prepared when hiking. Maps, water, first aid kits, and the right clothing are all essential. Lastly, stay open-minded and keep a positive attitude. Flexibility will help you reach your goals, whether it’s the peak or just the great outdoors. And if you’re around bees, remember to beehive yourself!

“I’m not a fan of hiking to beehives, but the buzz is worth it!”

Outdoor lovers love the thrill of hiking to a beehive. Though it can be scary, the excitement is irresistible. Every step taken on the tough trails is worth it for the buzz of the hive at the end.

Hiking to a beehive can be fun, with the right safety measures. Wear the right clothes and bring protective gear such as gloves or netting. Always listen for warnings from the bees and don’t disturb their home.

Remember, bees are important for pollination- don’t harm them! Respect nature and all its inhabitants.

If you want a unique camping experience, add hikes to your bucket list! You never know what you’ll find- breathtaking views, a lifetime of memories. So get ready, gather your friends/family/pets, and let’s comb through this hike together! Enjoy the great outdoors and create some hiss-terical memories!

“I hate hiking with snakes, they’re so condescending”

Hiking with snakes can be a challenge. They often slither ahead or taunt you from trees. This can be discouraging and even anxiety-provoking.

Remember, snakes are part of the environment and have a role to play. Wearing long pants and sturdy boots can reduce anxiety and improve safety.

Not all snakes are harmful. Knowing about local species can help ease fears. Avoiding snake habitats and staying aware of surroundings can help avoid encounters.

Negative emotions or phobias may still arise. Seek support from other hikers or a mental health professional to cope.

A related anecdote involves a rattlesnake in Arizona. Initially scared, knowledge about snake behavior prevented any incidents resulting in a successful hike.

Hiking Laugh Lines

To make your hiking experience more cheerful, you need some laughter. In order to achieve that, this section, “Hiking Laugh Lines” with its sub-sections, “Why did the hiker get a ticket? He was caught jaywalking in the wilderness” and “Why did the bear break up with the salmon? He said it wasn’t his fault he needed a different kind of fish in his life!” can be a quick solution.

“Why did the hiker get a ticket? He was caught jaywalking in the wilderness”

The hiker broke the rules by “jaywalking” in a non-designated area. This can cause harm to the environment and other hikers. To prevent this, rangers may give out fines.

It is essential to stay on designated trails while hiking. This safeguards the environment, stops accidents, and preserves wildlife. Breaking the rules can also lead to hefty fines or even court appearances.

Jaywalking is not a new phenomenon. Ancient people got penalties for crossing streets without permission. Nowadays, national parks and wildernesses take this seriously. Laws have been created to punish hikers who do not stick to designated paths or crossings. Remember, always “stay on the right path” and respect nature’s rules!

Why did the hiker not share his snacks with the bear? He didn’t want to become a meal!

“Why did the bear break up with the salmon? He said it wasn’t his fault he needed a different kind of fish in his life!”

A bear and a salmon had a witty hiking joke – the bear ended the relationship, wanting a different kind of fish in his life. It’s a funny take, but it highlights something important: laughter is essential for a good outdoor experience. It brings moods up and relieves stress, plus helps hikers bond over shared experiences.

Hiking can be tough with obstacles and moments that cause frustration. But, finding the humor in them can make it a memorable experience. Jokes, puns and funny stories on the trail can create connections and make even tough hikes easier.

Humor should be used the right way, though. No sarcasm or ridicule – it can ruin the whole experience. Instead, lighthearted banter and uplifting comments will build camaraderie.

Laughing can even have physical health benefits like reducing pain and boosting immunity. So, don’t be afraid to laugh on your next hike – mental and physical health will thank you!


Humor is super important, especially when it comes to hiking. Jokes can make hikes more fun and enjoyable. Whether you’re on your own or with friends, a good joke can put a smile on everyone’s faces. So, if you wanna add some laughter to your next adventure, remember these hiking jokes!

Hiking is tough. It’s both physically and mentally challenging. But humor can be a great distraction from it all. Hiking jokes remind us not to take ourselves too seriously and to appreciate the beauty of nature.

It’s true that humor is subjective. What one person finds funny might not be funny to another. This is the same for hiking jokes. Everyone has different tastes. But one thing is for sure – we all need a good laugh while hiking!

Real History: On their way up a steep mountain trail, a group of hikers encountered a huge boulder blocking their path. Frustrated, one hiker joked that they should try to push it aside. Miraculously, they managed to do it – and ended up with some newfound strength and an extra spring in their step!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you call a bear that loves to hike?

A Trail Bear!

2. Why do hikers always carry a map?

Because it’s terrible company on a hike.

3. What do you call a hiker who’s always lost?

A Roaming Roman.

4. Why don’t moose go hiking?

Because they prefer to go on hoofing adventures.

5. What do you say to a hiker who’s taking a break at the summit?

‘You’ve reached your pique!’

6. Why did the hiker wear sunglasses?

Because his too trail was bright!

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