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la gomera hiking

La Gomera Hiking: A Must-Do Activity in the Canary Islands

La Gomera Hiking is a must-do activity for anyone visiting the Canary Islands. Walking through lush forests, valleys and ravines while enjoying breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean from rocky cliffs is an experience not to be missed. The island is well known for its excellent hiking trails that cater to different abilities.

With a range of trails to choose from, hikers can explore the island’s diverse landscapes, including laurel forests, volcanic formations, and black sand beaches.

For those who seek a challenging hike, the Garajonay National Park is the perfect destination. Its endless trails are surrounded by forests of misty laurel trees towering over ancient rock formations. The network of trails in the park offers both easy and difficult paths, making it suitable for everyone. Besides hiking, visitors can engage in other activities such as bird watching, mountain biking and horseback riding.

For a unique hiking experience, visitors can explore the deep gorges and narrow valleys that dominate the island’s topography. One such place is the Barranco de Hermigua, a lush and scenic ravine in the north of the island. Its picturesque footpaths cut through banana plantations, small chapels, and picturesque hamlets offering a close-up view of the island’s rural life. Hiking here can take half a day or several days, depending on the route chosen.

To make the most of the hiking experience, visitors must bring the necessary equipment, which includes sturdy footwear, water, and sunscreen. For those who prefer not to hike solo, many tour operators provide guided tours that cater to all types of hikers, from beginners to experts.

In summary, if you are traveling to the Canary Islands, La Gomera Hiking should definitely be on your to-do-list. The island’s amazing trails, stunning views, and diverse landscapes make it a hiking haven. From easy routes to challenging treks, there are options for everyone. So, dust off your hiking boots, grab your backpack, and head to La Gomera for an unforgettable hiking adventure.

La Gomera: where the hike is as treacherous as your ex’s TikTok algorithm.

What is La Gomera and Why is it a Hiking Destination?

La Gomera is a dream destination for those who love hiking! It has beautiful forests, gorges, and valleys. This unique spot offers lots of trails – from easy to hard – for all levels.

The climate is perfect here all year round. Plus, the island holds lots of biodiversity. You can observe stunning flora and fauna while breathing fresh air that will nourish your body and mind.

To get the most out of your experience, hire a local guide. They will provide you with insightful knowledge about the area’s history and geography.

You can also join group hiking tours available throughout the year. Meet like-minded people and share adventure stories while enjoying the breathtaking view.

Why wait? La Gomera is always stunning, even when you’re sweating like a pig!

Best Time to Go Hiking in La Gomera

Autumn and spring are the perfect times to hike La Gomera, as mild weather makes the scenery even more picturesque. So, tourists flock to the island during these seasons. Thus, it’s wise to book your accommodation and tours early.

Winter is still a great time to visit, as temperatures remain temperate. And, whilst summer can be hot, sea breezes keep the trails pleasant.

It’s very important for hikers to wear shoes with a good grip and take lots of water and snacks. Experienced guides can give first-timers a great experience and teach them about protecting the environment whilst hiking.

Before setting out, make sure you check the conditions of the trails. El Cedro Forest Walk is tranquil and lush, so it’s a great option if you want to avoid the more popular routes like Garajonay National Park.

If you’re looking for an active adventure with stunning views, La Gomera’s hiking trails will not disappoint.

Top Hiking Trails in La Gomera

To explore the best hiking trails in La Gomera, the Bosque del Cedro hike is a must-go. The trail takes you through lush greenery and has a serene atmosphere. You’ll find yourself amidst misty forests, with the scent of cedar in the air.

Garajonay National Park

Delve into La Gomera’s heart and explore the protected Garajonay Biosphere Reserve! Witness the ancient trails of the original island inhabitants, and experience the breathtaking views from Pico Garajonay. Nature lovers and hikers will revel in the densely-forested laurel, streams, and waterfalls. Be sure to keep an eye out for endangered bird species and lizards rustling by.

Grab a map from the local visitor center before setting off on your adventure. Take yourself on a journey through Spain’s rich biodiversity – with a range of terrains in one hike! There are many twists and turns to uncover along the way, and often forgotten sites hidden in the trees and bushes. So don’t miss out – head to Los Roques and let the rocky trail be as exciting as your ex’s heart!

Los Roques

Los Roques Trail is in the heart of La Gomera. It’s a great spot for nature lovers.

The hike starts at a lagoon. Listen to the waterfall and birds. As you go in, you’ll see cliffs, rocks, and plants that have been around for millions of years. Bird species nest in the cliffs.

Experienced hikers can try the challenging part: climbing and navigating narrow paths. The reward? Stunning views of La Gomera.

For a great experience, take some snacks and water, wear good shoes and get a map from local authorities.

Los Roques is La Gomera’s must-visit spot for trekkers. Enjoy the beauty of nature and get some exercise!

El Cedro Forest

At the core of La Gomera, lies the enchanting Cedro Forest. It’s a hiker’s utopia; featuring lush green vegetation and a tranquil atmosphere. This is one of the most sought-after hiking trails on the island.

It’s a sight to behold. Trekkers can explore a range of flora and fauna, like canary laurel trees, unique birds, and endemic lizards. Plus, you get amazing views of La Gomera’s landscape.

Hiking routes will bring you to secret waterfalls. The perfect spot for taking a dip before continuing your hike through the woods.

One traveller shares their story of spying honey buzzards soaring through the sky – an unforgettable experience at El Cedro Forest. Valle Gran Rey: the ideal destination for hikers who want an adventure!

Valle Gran Rey

The “Great King’s Valley,” lies nestled on the western coast of La Gomera. It’s an idyllic valley with a river and tall mountains. It’s a sheltered haven for flora and fauna.

This valley has several hiking trails that let visitors get close to nature. One popular one begins at Arure village. It takes you through terraced fields and past fruit orchards, to the seafront with black sand beaches. You can see stunning views of rocky cliffs that hug the coastline.

Another trail starts at El Cercado hamlet, winding around Mt. Garajonay to the Alto de Garajonay viewpoint. On a clear day, you can spot Mt. Teide in Tenerife!

There’s a trail to a waterfall called El Chorro too. It’s a challenging hike, but worth it; just imagine crystal-clear waters cascading down into a natural pool amidst lush forests.

Anecdote: Valle Gran Rey was once ruled by Guanche kings. King Hupalupa used to hunt for wild goats and deer here. You may even spot some of these animals if you’re lucky during your hikes. The Mirador del Santo also offers stunning views – just don’t look down if heights aren’t your thing!

Mirador del Santo

Sanctuary Overlook, the elevated observation point named after the Catholic saint, offers a breathtaking vista! The Mirador del Santo hiking trail in La Gomera is a must-see. It provides stunning views of Garajonay National Park and El Hierro Island.

Follow well-marked paths through lush green forests filled with flora and fauna. Eventually, you’ll come across a clearing. There, you can witness an awe-inspiring panoramic view of rocky terrain and cliffs contrasted brightly against the cerulean blue ocean.

During the 17th-century pirate attacks, locals used this location to signal danger to others. This was before telegraphs and telephones. They would light bonfires on mountaintops when enemy ships were approaching. Now, those trails are rougher than the locals’ accents!


In La Gomera’s heart, Arure lies. Its trails are some of the most spectacular on the island. Rugged mountain ranges and lush greenery welcome you. Traditional Canarian homes dot the valleys.

The Arure-Chejelipes hike takes around four hours. Unpaved paths and rocky terrain lead you to deep ravines and towering cliffs. Wildflowers fill the air with their scent. The Arure-Pajarito trail is perfect for a leisurely stroll. Laurisilva forests surround you.

Locals still maintain traditional agricultural practices. Wander the winding paths to find farmers tending to their crops or animals grazing in pastures. A glimpse of rural life.

Visit Arure and La Gomera like never before. Enjoy its awe-inspiring trails. But beware of the Hermigua Valley. Loose rocks are a risk!

Hermigua Valley

Escape to La Gomera island for a breathtaking hiking adventure! Hermigua Valley offers a vast selection of trails, where you can discover lush vegetation and the rare cock-of-the-rock bird in Laurel forest. For an even bigger thrill, venture into Vallehermoso and scale towering cliffs for panoramic views of looming valleys.

Alternatively, take a leisurely stroll through Hermigua’s old town, admiring 16th-century buildings and meeting the friendly locals. And, don’t miss Las Salinas beach at the end of your journey – salt flats stretching far and wide make for a mesmerizing sunset, with delicious local seafood restaurants for the perfect finish. Lastly, Bosque del Cedro is ideal for those searching for a tree-mendous experience.

Bosque del Cedro

At the center of La Gomera lies a green oasis known for its awesome trails. The Bosque del Cedro is alive with Canary Island flora, fauna, and geology. Laurels trees offer bright colours and natural sound. The trails are well-kept and lead to captivating points of view, unique rocks, secret waterfalls, and enchanting wildlife.

Take a break from hiking and rest at one of the many picnic spots. There are restrooms, drinking fountains, and trash cans to help keep the beauty of this incredible place. It’s also home to rare species like the local pigeons (bolle’s pigeon) which can only be found here.

Legend has it that Bosque del Cedro got its name after Sidi el Yezidi planted cedars here long ago in the 8th century. Their descendants are still talked about in local stories! El Rejo might be tough, but the view at the end is worth it.

El Rejo

Take an exciting journey to the stunning El Rejo trail in La Gomera! Covering a distance of 7 kilometres, it begins in the quaint village of Hermigua. Along the way, hikers face steep slopes and uneven surfaces amidst lush vegetation and tropical forests. At the end, the reward is spectacular views of beaches and valleys.

Perfect for experienced hikers in search of a challenging adventure, this picturesque route offers a unique opportunity to observe the region’s breathtaking flora and fauna. Don’t miss out on exploring this beautiful hiking trail – it will take your breath away! Just remember to pay attention to the trail – don’t make the same mistake you did with your love life!

Tips for Hiking in La Gomera

La Gomera, a beautiful island in the Canary Islands, is a hiker’s paradise with its stunning cliffs, lush forests, and picturesque landscape. To fully enjoy your hiking experience in La Gomera, it is important to keep these practical and informative tips in mind.

  1. Research Trails – Before setting out on your hiking adventure, it is essential to research the different trails available. La Gomera has a variety of trails with varying difficulty levels, and it is important to choose the one that suits your fitness level and experience.
  2. Wear Proper Gear – Hiking in La Gomera requires proper hiking gear, including sturdy hiking boots, waterproof jackets, and proper hiking pants. Make sure you wear layers to adjust with fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions.
  3. Carry Essential Supplies – It is imperative to carry essential supplies like water, snacks, first-aid kit, maps, and navigation tools like compass and GPS. It’s best to carry all your supplies in a day pack for convenience.
  4. Respect Nature – While hiking, respect the environment and the local people. Stay on the marked trails, pack out all trash, and avoid any disturbance to the natural environment.

Moreover, La Gomera hiking trails offer unique views of the surrounding landscape, local flora and fauna thus giving hikers an unparalleled experience.

One group of hikers shared their story about hiking through the Garajonay National Park, which is an UNESCO World Heritage site. They were mesmerized by the dense cloud forest and the prehistoric laurel trees. They also encountered some of the endemic bird species which added a special touch to their memorable experience.

Therefore, when hiking in La Gomera, the key is to be prepared, stay respectful and be ready to immerse yourself in nature’s grandeur. Hiking boots are a must, but if you forget them, just wear a pair of crocs and embrace the blisters.

What to Wear and What to Bring

Preparing for a hike in La Gomera is key for a safe, fun adventure. Here’s what to wear and bring:

  • Lightweight, moisture-wicking clothes for easy movement.
  • Proper hiking shoes or boots with good grip and ankle support.
  • Backpack with sunscreen, insect repellent, first-aid kit, snacks, and lots of water.
  • Map or GPS device to avoid getting lost.
  • Trekking poles to help with stability and protect your knees.

Be aware of the island’s volcanic terrain. The weather can change quickly too. Respect the natural environment by staying on paths and disposing of trash properly. That way, La Gomera will stay beautiful for future adventurers.

Ready for an amazing hike? Pack wisely and prepare – mother nature will keep things exciting!

Safety Precautions

Exploring La Gomera’s stunning natural beauty? Make sure to stay safe! Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Bring a map and get to know the route.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes, taking weather into account.
  • Pack enough food and water. Use a reusable, leak-proof bottle.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat help protect from the sun.
  • Don’t hike alone – stick to well-known trails.
  • Be aware of warning signs or trail closures.

Protected areas are a part of La Gomera. Follow guidelines for proper disposal of waste.

Pro Tip: Get a local guide. There are lots of hiking guides online that offer info on safety, must-visit areas, and levels of difficulty. Avoid joining a goat herd!

Local Guides and Tour Operators

Hiring a local guide or booking with a tour operator can make your hiking trip in La Gomera even better. They can offer insights on the island’s special species and safety tips. Plus, they can suggest trails that match your skill level.

Options range from private hikes to group tours and multi-day adventure packages. Some operators also offer transportation.

Pro Tip: Check reviews from previous customers online before picking a guide or tour operator.

If nature is your thing, La Gomera is ideal. But don’t forget the map and a sense of humour!

Conclusion: Why La Gomera is a Perfect Destination for Hiking Enthusiasts.

La Gomera – A Hiker’s Dream!

It’s no doubt that La Gomera needs to be on every hiker’s list. Rugged mountains, lush forests, and mesmerizing scenery make it a perfect spot for nature-lovers and adventurers.

The Island has amazing trails with gorges, palm groves, and ravines. Each step brings amazing views and extraordinary experiences.

La Gomera is also home to an exciting history and culture. From ancient aboriginal villages to colonial-era architecture, there is something for everyone.

But the most unique thing about La Gomera is its microclimate. It has diverse flora and fauna like colorful birds, the Gomeran lizard, and Gianna’s silk moth.

Don’t miss your chance – plan your hiking trip to La Gomera today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most popular hiking trails in La Gomera?

Some of the most popular hiking trails in La Gomera include the Garajonay National Park, the Cumbre de Chijere, and the Montana de Agando.

2. Is La Gomera hiking suitable for beginners?

There are many hiking trails in La Gomera that are suitable for beginners, as well as more challenging routes for experienced hikers.

3. What is the best time of year to go hiking in La Gomera?

The best time to go hiking in La Gomera is between October and May, when the weather is cooler and there is less chance of rain.

4. Do I need any special equipment to go hiking in La Gomera?

You should bring comfortable hiking shoes with good grip, a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water. Depending on the time of year, you may also need a jacket and rain gear.

5. Are there any guided hiking tours available in La Gomera?

Yes, there are several companies that offer guided hiking tours in La Gomera. You can also hire a local guide to explore the area on your own.

6. Are there any safety tips for hiking in La Gomera?

It is important to stay on designated trails and to be aware of any potential hazards such as steep cliffs, slippery rocks, and loose soil. You should also let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return, and carry a fully charged mobile phone in case of an emergency.

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